5 Reasons Why I’m committed to making this film


As storytellers, filmmakers in particular, I feel we all should grapple with why we are sinking days and months (years) of our lives into a project we feel is deserving of the effort. The time spent on the endeavour is one thing, but since I am gearing up to a stage where I (and my colleagues) will be asking a lot of people for a lot of  (more…)

Honest thoughts on the challenges of writing (this film)


This post has been shelved for a few weeks now. It started it’s life as a stand alone commentary on ‘where I’m at’ with writing the screenplay. But I soon realised this was very much a ‘tip of the iceberg’ kind of topic. What I initially ended up writing was a candid account of some of the challenges I’m facing. Some of these are universal to any and all who are brave enough to attempt writing a feature screenplay. Other challenges  (more…)

About this Blog


To say, ‘it’s been a while since my last post’ would almost be a misnomer. For a number of reasons, I delayed launching the website till Jan this year. I had hoped to have the site live by July last year, which explains why there are two blog posts around that time, however in reality, this blog is only just being born now. (more…)

Off to the Durban Film Mart


It’s two weeks till I leave for South Africa. Hard to believe. A lot needs to happen between now and then and even more needs to be crammed into the 2 short weeks that I’m there.

To start with, it’s exciting to announce officially that, while there, I’ll be directing a new short  (more…)

Commando begins


When I was a young teenager, on an otherwise perfectly average summer evening, my father handed me an ear marked paperback copy of Commando. I was told it was a story about the Boer War – a period in history I knew very little about. Written 100 years prior, by a boy not much older than me, this biographical narrative told of the (more…)